Projects - shot by SHANNON

Once or twice a month I volunteer my photography services to local animal shelters and other rescue organizations. In my experience, professional quality images attract more attention, raising awareness and hopefully increasing adoption rates. If you or someone you know works with rescued animals and would like to enhance their web presence with improved images, please use the CONTACT link above, and I'll try to fit you into the next opening in my schedule. 


In the chaos of our busy lives, we often don't make the time to "stop and smell the roses." But flowers can be very therapeutic; the beautiful aromas, colors and shapes can be quite relaxing. Whenever I have free time, I grab my camera and explore the local gardens. It's a very peaceful activity, and usually leaves me with pleasing images like the ones below. If you would like to enjoy a little of their beauty for yourself, please feel free to browse through the collection of prints I have available at Fine Art America.   


Flower Bud

Flower Bud

A few times each year I have the privilege of attending workshops and collaborating with professional models. This is typically enlightening for me, because fashion and glamour shoots can be quite challenging. However, I learn something new every time, and always welcome new opportunities to practice creative conceptual portraits. If you are a model and would like to work with me, you may contact me here or via my profile page on Model Mayhem.

Modeling Workshops

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