About - shot by SHANNON
Just Look at That FACE!


For many years now, I’ve thought of myself as an audio-visual multi-media explorer. I started violin lessons at around age eight, culminating in a Master’s Degree from the Eastman School of Music back in the ‘90s. I’ve worked in many aspects of the entertainment and hospitality industries, and always enjoy being around and collaborating with other creative people. Although I rarely perform on stage anymore, I believe my background in various styles of music performance give me unique insights about the best ways to capture the creative spirit on film.

Here are a few additional things you might like to know about me…

     • I’m definitely NOT a morning person!

     • I’ve been a vegetarian for decades now, but strangely enjoy the aroma of street meat in NYC

     • My exercise regimen includes a required daily dose of laughter and sarcasm

     • My iPod has everything from Mozart to Miranda Lambert

If you have questions about anything I didn’t cover here in this brief introduction, please don’t hesitate to use the CONTACT FORM above and ask away... I look forward to getting to know you!

(Special thanks to my friend and colleague Paul Howard for the picture shown above, taken in the Valley of Fire outside Las Vegas, NV.)

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